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Beaches, parks, and visitor attractions

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Mediterranean Gardens
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Chinese and Japanese Gardens


Silicon Valley Links
Technology-related museums and visitor resources


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Places with Steinbeck associations
Visitor Resources
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Updates to "Exploring" series guides

Steinbeck Country: Exploring the Settings for the Stories

The following corrections and updates apply to the October 2002 edition. These items have been corrected in the April 2005 edition.

Pg. 6: La Gloria Road from Highway 25 across the Gablian Range joins Highway 101 six miles north of Soledad, not at Soledad as indicated on the map. Be aware this is a narrow unsurfaced road that may be impassable in wet weather.

Pg. 14: The spelling of Speckels alternates between the endings "els" and "les."  Steinbeck consistently used the latter (Spreckles) while the community and mapmakers use the former (Spreckels).

Pg. 19: The Cannery Row Company web site no longer displays the map described but has a map of general visitor attractions at www.canneryrow.com/maps.html

Pg 31: The second sentence of the section on Weedpatch Camp should read: ?Weedpatch is the only labor camp built by the federal government that still contains original structures.?

Pg 31: The website for the Monterey Agricultural & Rural Life Museum in San Lorenzo Park near King City has changed to

Pg. 31: The Center for Steinbeck Studies has moved to the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, 5th Floor, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 95192-0028. The website URL is now www2.sjsu.edu/steinbeck/

Silicon Valley: Exploring the Communities Behind the Digital Revolution

The following updates apply to the April 2003 edition

Pg. 30: The Computer History Museum "Alpha Phase" exhibits are now open at the Shoreline Drive location. For hours see About The Computer History Museum

Pg. 30: The Perham Foundation collection is now in History San Jose archive storage in preparation for eventual public display. Check the web site for information History San Jos? Homepage

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